To investigate the mechanisms underlying preeclampsia and unexplained fetal growth restriction (FGR), Nishizawa et al. performed global gene expression profiling on placental tissue from severe preeclamptic pregnancies and normotensive pregnancies with or without FGR. FGR was diagnosed when the birth weight was below the 10th percentile of that anticipated for the given gestational age for a Japanese population. To avoid any effects of labor upon the gene expression profiles of the tissue samples, all of the placental biopsies were obtained following cesarean sections from women who had not undergone labor. In normotensive cases, cesarean sections were performed due to previous cesarean sections. After removal of the maternal deciduas and amniotic membranes, 1 cm sections of placental villi were dissected from the four different central areas between the basal and chorionic plates.

Tissue Condition Samples
Test chorionic villus preeclamptic pregnancy 8
Control chorionic villus normal pregnancy 8
Gene Fold Change (log2) Significance Genus Species