Blair et al. investigated the DNA methylation and gene expression of chorionic villi samples from early-onset preeclampsia (EOPET) placentas compared to gestational age-matched controls. Control placentas were obtained from chromosomally normal losses or births due to a mix of etiologies (premature rupture of membranes, loss of amniotic fluid and cervical incompetence) with no evidence of placental abnormality based on a pathological exam. Gene expression data were obtained using a subset of EOPET samples and controls that were also run on the 450K array. Chorionic villi were sampled from at least two sites (center and perimeter) on the fetal side of the placenta.

Tissue Condition Samples
Test chorionic villus early-onset preeclampsia 8
Control chorionic villus gestational age-matched control 8
Gene Fold Change (log2) Significance Genus Species