To determine the acceptable timeframe for placental collection, Wolfe et al. collected multiple samples from first and third trimester placentas at serial time points 0-120 minutes after delivery, simultaneously comparing the traditional snap-freeze technique to commercial solutions designed to preserve RNA and DNA. First trimester (10–12 weeks) and third trimester (38–40 weeks) placental samples were collected from women undergoing abortion procedures and women undergoing scheduled term cesarean sections, respectively. Samples approximately 1 cm³ in size were obtained from the placental disc, halfway between the umbilical cord insertion point and the placental margin. Note: Only samples collected at 0 minutes in RNAlater™ were used for this analysis

Tissue Condition Samples
Test placenta third trimester pregnancy 9
Control placenta first trimester pregnancy 9
Gene Fold Change (log2) Significance Genus Species