Kosova et al. characterized gene expression profiles of midsecretory endometria from women with recurrent early pregnancy loss. The study included 32 women of European ancestry with two or more documented unexplained miscarriages, who were classified into three groups based on endometrial histological dating and cyclin E levels. Abnormal endometrial histologies and abnormal cyclin E levels were defined as ≥3 days of endometrial developmental delay and >20% expression in the endometrial glandular cells, respectively. All women had endometrial biopsies performed during their mid-luteal phase, 9-11 days following the endogenous LH surge. For 5 additional women with elevated cyclin E levels, biopsy samples were collected in the mid-luteal phase both prior to and post-progesterone treatment to investigate the gene expression profiles in response to treatment.

Tissue Condition Samples
Test endometrium out-of-phase endometrial histology 20
Control endometrium normal endometrial histology 44
Gene Fold Change (log2) Significance Genus Species