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How to Use GEneSTATION Bookmarklet

  1. Enter your information above.
  2. Press "Make Bookmarklet" Button
  3. Drag bookmarklet that appears to your browser's bookmark toolbar
  4. Now, if you're reading a relevant article and you'd like to submit it to GEneSTATION, you can simply click on your new bookmarklet

Please note:

  • Clicking the bookmarklet will send the address of your current page to GEneSTATION.
  • Unfortunately, some scientific resources (e.g., Science Citation Index) do not include a parseable address, so they cannot be bookmarked directly.
  • In those cases, submitting the link to the paper's Pubmed record is preferable.
Thank you for supporting Theme 1 by submitting journal articles and URLs with genome-scale datasets relevant to preterm birth.